Boucy Boxing; inflatable boxing fun
Bubble Soccer a team sport for everyone
Inflatable Speed Cage - fun for all

Bubble Soccer

Speed Cage

Our Speed Cage inflatable is great to test your fast ball. With our interactive Speed Cage players can compete with one another testing their baseball pitching speed...more info
This colorful interactive game brings the joy of a bouncy house together with the world of boxing. Participants can experience a few rounds with this inflatable ring,...more info
The dual sport inflatable game offers all the excitement of a real NFL football or NBA basketball game, but without any of the traditional rules. Each inflatable...more info

Bouncy Boxing

Dual Sport Equalizer

Cannonball Blaster

Sticky Wall

Pony Hops

Sumo Wrestling

Human Foosball

Rock N Joust

The Extreme Cannonball Blaster is the most exciting product introduced to the entertainment industry! Four people enter the inflatable battle dome where they...more info
The Sticky Wall will have your guests talking about your event for days! This attraction is a giant, oversized Velcro wall. Participants step into a striped sticky suit...more info
There's nothing like a good old fashioned horse race. This one is full of fun and excitement! Indoors or out our Pony Races fits the bill. The kids love it,...more info
You've seen those huge sumo wrestlers on TV; now you can be one without gaining all that weight. Simply step into a Sumo Suit and see yourself three times your...more info
Out play, out wit and out score your opponents in an exhilarating 5 vs 5 game of human foosball. Pass the ball from defense up to mid-field and then to the...more info
Players enter the octagon and climb onto the raised pedestal for a jousting match. There is just enough room on top of the pedestal so that players will have...more info
Dual Sport Equalizer; test your sport skills
Cannonball Blaster is fun competition for all ages
Sticky Wall- run, jump, and stick to the velcro wall
Stiky Wall Suit
Pony Hops 2
Pony Hops is off to the races
Sumo Wrestling is a fun way to wrestle with a friend
Human Foosball is a great team building game
Rock N Joust Inflatable bars
Rock N Joust Inflatable
Bubble Soccer Vedio
Soccer Ball
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Bubble Soccer is unlike any other sport, it's high energy and a lot of fun! The best thing about it is how protected you are: you can get knocked down, flipped upside down, and you...more info
Human Foosball Vedio

Interactive Sports

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